Singapore’s Elite Home and HDB Design Specialists

At Ally Wong Interior, we are dedicated to creating stunning living environments that are tailored to suit your needs.

Interior design is a fast-paced industry and many designers will champion what is new and trendy over what is practical. As best interior design firm Singapore
, we are committed to finding long term interior design solutions that are functional but will also keep your HDB flat or home looking fresh and timeless for many years to come.

After many years of working in the Singapore interior design industry, we have cultivated a reputation for providing high polish renovation solutions that are truly unique.

Our Feature Projects

Seasoned HDB Interior Designers Offering Unique Style Solutions

HDB flats have a reputation for being somewhat unimaginative in terms of design and interior designers often offer only a limited range of options when it comes to renovation.

We offer a diverse range of living space solutions for those living in HDB condominiums with our talented team of designers focusing on elements such as wall and floor treatments as well as furnishings to fundamentally transform the look and feel of your home.

Our home design and renovations services are comprehensive and encompass everything from conceptualisation through to completion.

Custom Interior Design Solutions for The Modern Singaporean

Our services are very much focused upon developing design solutions that are unique to your environment, lifestyle, and needs. We believe that what distinguishes truly great interior design from the rest is its ability to interact and engage with the people who live or work there.

All of our design processes stem from this initial belief and so all of our projects come about as a result of our intensive client collaboration processes. Our designers take the time to understand your lifestyle, ambitions, and tastes. Practical elements such as budget, scale, and timeframe are also taken into consideration.

From there we will develop a unique design solution that incorporates elements of your lifestyle in functional, innovative ways.